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About Us: 

diamond-16 Program philosophy: Wisconsin Dynasty AAU is created to give athletes an opportunity to play summer basketball at its highest levels.  Wisconsin Dynasty exposes high school athletes to the essential educational disciplines necessary to become productive student athletes.

diamond-16 Student Athlete:  We understand that the sport itself is only half of being a student athlete.  We expect all of our players to be working just as hard in school as they do their extracurricular activities. We have tutoring sessions available to all our players, and work personally with the kids to get them to where they need to be.  We send home a grade check twice a month to ensure our players are attending/keeping up in school.  With the grade check all teachers put how the student/player is doing in class as well as their behavior during school hours.  We strive to have each and every one of our players to be at the top of their game, both on and off the court.

diamond-16 Cost effective basketball: The team budget is exposed and explained to all families.  Team fees go towards practices, practice jerseys, uniforms, facility usage, tournaments, coaches, training camps, and guest speakers.  A lot of these top rated tournaments only hold so many teams and are ran on a first come first serve basis, team commitment, ordering uniforms, and reserving gym time. There are no refunds, once we get payment we put gear orders in and pay for all tournaments/practices.


diamond-16 Drills skills and exposure:  Each team practices once a week for two hours.  Practices include offenses and defensive drilling, Aerobic core strength building, and developing the players attributes as well as taking the players game to the next level.  We often record practices and give feedback weekly.   Tournaments that we play in are based on current team talent.  We recruit all over the state of Wisconsin, participate in top tournaments all over the Midwest, and participate in many NCAA certified events.  Throughout the season we consistently put up highlights of practices as well as tournaments.

diamond-16 Playing Time: Players will compete for playing time always in practice.  Playing time won’t be equal.  The best players will be on the floor.  It is our intent to win every game.  We trust the coach to make the best decision for the team.

diamond-16 Staff dedication:  Each and every one of our staff is 150% committed to our program and all involved with it.  We are always ready available via phone/text/email/ or in person.  We try to check in with each family at least once a week to touch base and inform them of any upcoming trainings, practices, or tournaments.